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Hodes Milman Liebeck Represents Deceased’s Family Against Hospital and Doctors for Medical Negligence

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Kevin Liebeck, an attorney with the personal injury and medical malpractice law firm Hodes Milman Liebeck Liebeck, LLP, is representing the family of Robert Lopez, a 32-year old father of three children who died while undergoing an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) of his large toe at Good Samaritan Hospital. The lawsuit alleges that the hospital and doctors failed to have the appropriate policies and procedures in place to govern the use and administration of gadolinium contrast agents for MRIs, which could have averted his death.The use of gadolinium contrast agents has been the subject of FDA “black box” warning, as well as warnings from gadolinium manufacturers, advising hospitals and doctors that prior to the administration of gadolinium, radiology departments were to screen all patients for renal dysfunction.  A hospital doctor changed the original order by Mr. Lopez’s podiatrist for an MRI of the deceased’s large toe, with contrast, which injects the gadolinium dye into your IV allowing doctors to view the MRI in more detail.

The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Lopez was renally insufficient, but was not asked about, or even tested for, any kidney problems. According to Mr. Liebeck, “Had the standard of care been observed in this case, Mr. Lopez’s renal dysfunction would have been discovered and gadolinium would not have been administered. And, had gadolinium not been administered, Mr. Lopez would not have died.”The case is currently in mediation, with a trial date scheduled for April 26, 2010.