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With a medical diagnosis as serious as cancer, time is of the essence when it comes to determining whether or not the patient can hope to make a full recovery. In fact, perhaps the most important indicator of survival is how quickly the cancer was detected, diagnosed and treated. Many cancer treatments hinge on early detection and swift treatment, but careless medical professionals who offer inaccurate diagnoses can rob their patients of invaluable days and weeks or even months and years, irreparably damaging their health or even costing them their lives. If you or a family member has received an inaccurate cancer diagnosis from a doctor or specialist, if your cancer was not caught quickly despite regular medical check-ups, or if you described symptoms to your doctor that were ignored, discounted or misinterpreted, you may be a victim of medical malpractice in the form of cancer misdiagnosis. As with any type of medical malpractice, victims of cancer misdiagnosis are entitled to compensation.

Types of Cancer Misdiagnosis

A cancer diagnosis is always difficult to hear from a physician – and the distress is only compounded when there is malpractice in the form of misdiagnosis involved. There are many different forms that cancer misdiagnosis can take, all of them devastating to the patient – and the patient’s loved ones. These may include:

  • Failure to order tests despite patient’s report of symptoms or other indicators
  • Misinterpretation of test results, or failure to read results altogether
  • Improper treatment of cancer (e.g., failing to recommend needed chemotherapy, radiation or surgery)

Any of these missteps can cost the patient valuable time, leading to consequences that may include unnecessary surgery, astronomical medical costs, more severe treatment than would have been necessary had the cancer been recognized sooner, or even death. If you suspected that you had cancer or you noticed unusual symptoms which were ignored or dismissed by your doctor and which later proved to be indicators of cancer, or if your cancer treatment was mishandled in any way, you may have a right to monetary compensation for your hardship, suffering and medical expenses.

Cancer Misdiagnosis in Healthy Patients

Besides misdiagnosing certain types of cancer or suggesting inappropriate or insufficient treatments for existing cancers, another type of cancer misdiagnosis that can occur is when healthy patients or patients with a different (non-cancerous) condition are told by a medical professional that they have cancer. This can happen when test results are mixed up, or simply misinterpreted by the doctor or specialist. Some tests may also return false positives, indicating cancer when there is none present. This can lead to lost time, lost income, unnecessary expense and even unnecessary and irreversible surgeries, as well as intense emotional hardship for the victim and his or her family. If you were misdiagnosed with cancer when you were actually healthy, contact the medical malpractice attorneys at Hodes Milman Liebeck to learn whether you have a case.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Legal Representation

For cases involving medical malpractice of any kind, and cancer misdiagnosis in particular, it is essential to choose a legal team with experience in representing people whose lives have been forever changed by the negligence of a medical professional, hospital or treatment center. At Hodes Milman Liebeck, we understand the complexities of these types of cases. We don’t just pass you off to junior staff. Our personal injury attorneys in Orange County and Phoenix, Arizona are trained and experienced in protecting the rights of victims and fighting for the maximum compensation possible.

Whether your doctor failed to recognize your cancer, failed to adequately treat it, or diagnosed you as having cancer when you did not, you are a victim of medical malpractice. Get in touch with our law office for more information regarding the legal options that are available to you and your family.


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